What’s up, fellow ADHD brains?

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Good morning dearies!

So, what’s up with everyone? How is social distancing going for you, my fellow ADHD brains? For me, not much is up.

But I’m starting to feel a little more motivated to do stuff. Number one, I felt motivated to do some baking, just for myself, last week, and that was so nice. I haven’t done that in forever, and I love baking. I also found something called spead cleaning videos, and I can tell you, they’re great for both relaxing and motivation. I actually cleaned the kitchen yesterday evening!

Otherwise, I’m trying to catch up with some of the smaller (or really, bigger things) that I have been pushing off for some time now. For example, I finally sent out wedding fotos to our guests. And I figured out what we need to do in terms of emergency preparedness (legally, I mean, e.g. power of attorney, wills etc.). We haven’t done most of it yet (though I got us renters insurance), but I know how to start, and now I just need to get husband to sit down and fill everything in with me. And my mom. I really need to find a way to get these ducks in a row for my mum, since she’s at high risk of catching corona.

Anyway, for some less stressful stuff:

I made some Easter surprise bags for kids in our neighborhood, containing some chocolate and vouchers from local businesses, and handed them out on Sunday. That was really nice, and our direct neighbor even came by yesterday to say thanks. That was extra nice, since we don’t actually know our neighbors all that well.

Another thing I’m trying this week, is scheduling my off-days. This week, I’ll only work on wednesday, so I have lots of time off, that I don’t want to waste scrolling through social media all day. So, starting today, I’m trying to schedule those days. So far, it’s working quite well (although, truth be told, I’m not even six hours in, so we’ll see…), and I’m hoping that it will allow me to be more intentional about my time. I spoke about that in my last post. I really don’t like that I’m spending so much of my time without intention (e.g. scrolling through social media, watching pointless Netflix shows (*cough*Marlon*cough*) or not even watching anything just clicking through the categories and not finding anything I like…). So I’m trying to schedule at least my morning hours, which are usually when the problem starts, to do stuff (so far: I’ve taken a shower, brushed my teeth, moisturized my face, done my Duolingo practice, meditated, sent out the pictures, made the grocery list, and I’m writing this post right now) that helps me actually feel good about myself. It’s really quite nice. Next up, I’ll go grocery shopping, then take a lunch break, and then spend a few hours on chores, before taking some time for self care. Because that’s one of the things that really, seriously fall out of my brain every single time. If I don’t do anything productive, you can be damn sure I’m not doing any self-care, either.

The problem is, if I’m not feeling motivated to do anything, I can get myself to be productive by using outside stimuli. But for self-care? Not happening. So I’m making that a priority this week. I’m thinking some crafting (had the idea to start by maybe sewing something to put in between our dishes in the cupboard, because the loud noise they make when stacking them hurts my husband’s ears), maybe some painting, maybe a mask, or just meditation, or reading. I don’t know yet. But I do know that today, I’m doing something for myself, too.

So, overall, I’d say I’m doing pretty well on living more intentionally. How about you, though? How are you handling your ADHD during this stressful time? I hope my writing is helpful for someone out there. Honestly, living through this crisis with ADHD is tough. But also, I feel like the world needs us right now. We’re the ones with the ideas, the ones that recognize patterns, and can make sense of complete chaos. So don’t worry, you’re going to be fine. And while you’re stuck inside, with your ADHD brain going crazy, maybe try being intentional with your time. It might help you calm down and feel better about yourself.

And with that, I’m wishing everyone a great rest of the week! Stay home! Stay safe! Stay sane! And don’t forget to wash your hands!!!




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