Spring checklist for ADHD brains!

Spring is here, and you can do a few things to get the most out of the season.


Spring has sprung! Well, at least here in good old Germany. And apparently, thanks to climate change, that means we now get August temperatures before all the trees have even turned green again. Can’t say I’m a fan of that.

But anyway, spring really kicking into gear here means that it’s time for me to get a bunch of stuff done. I’m actually thinking about making this a regular thing, because most season changes, or at least the start of spring and fall, come with certain actions that need to/should be taken to prepare for the new warmer or colder season. Basically, I feel like having a checklist to look to, so I don’t forget to, for example, wash my winter cloak before I need it this year, would be hugely helpful. (I completely forgot to do that last year, so I had to spend a week walking around with Crêpe dough on my sleeve, that I didn’t realize was there from the winter before.) So I’m going to make a checklist of my spring tasks. And ovbiously, I’m sharing it with you.

So. Spring To Dos:

    • Change tires: This might not be a thing everywhere, and if you don’t own a vehicle, then you can ignore this. But if you need to switch to summer tires, do it now.
    • Sort through summer clothing: Get rid of things you no longer like, that have holes or stains. Replace accordingly.
    • Check on sunscreen, and stock up if needed: Sunscreen can usually be used as long as it doesn’t change it’s consistency, color and smell. I’d recommend giving it a good shake before every use, to be sure everything is properly mixed.
    • Put on sunscreen in the morning: It might not seem like it, but sun screen is actually necessary in spring, especially because your skin isn’t adjusted to the extra sun yet.
    • If you need it, stock up on allergy medication: If you have some left over, check the expiration date before taking it.
    • Buy and/or put up window screens (if you took them down over the winter): The insect community is already busy.
    • Pro tip: Get into the habit of getting up early and opening all windows, before the sun starts really heating the air up. I don’t care if you have an AC, do it. It saves a lot of energy to get your place cooled down naturally instead of via AC units. Plus, it’s so much cheaper. And it works, trust me, the vast majority of German houses don’t even have ACs. After you’ve aired the place out, close the windows and blinds, to keep the heat out.
    • Sort through winter clothes: Wash them, and, if you have the space, put them away.
    • Check on outdoor plants (if you have any): They might need grooming (is that a word you can use for plants?) and it’s good to know if you need to start watering them more regularly again.
    • Get a drying rack, use shorter dryer cycles, and let laundry air dry: If your water isn’t super calciferous (as it is where I live), you can skip the dryer completely. With califerous water, the laundry tends to get really hard and scratchy when air dryed, which doesn’t go down well with my ADHD brain. (Yay, sensory issues!)
    • Check on sunglasses: See if you need to get them fixed/fix them, or if it’s time for a new pair. Give them a good cleaning. If you don’t have sunglasses, consider getting some. They really make summer a lot more enjoyable, and they protect your eyes.
    • Do some spring cleaning: I’m working on an ADHD spring cleaning guide, that I’ll hopefully post soon (dealing with a bit of writers block at the moment). Generally speaking, though, you might want to clean your windows on the outside, once the majority of the blooming period is over. Same goes for your car. Those pollen really shouldn’t stay on your car, once the temperatures get higher.
    • Make a bucket list: Spring usually means that it’s warm, and you can do more stuff outside. So having a bucket list might be a good way to avoid hanging on the couch and watching Netflix while it’s so nice outside. Things you could do: Take a walk, go out for ice cream, have a BBQ, attend a spring market, go look at blooming trees, go swimming, and so on…

I’m not claiming that this is a complete list, but these are things that are important and/or helpful, to me, to do at the start of spring. If you have additional suggestions, feel free to comment below.

Preparing at the start of a new season is super helpful in the long run. It can help you avoid nasty surprises (like sunburn…. ugh), and even save you money (winter tires don’t do so well in 30° heat (86°F)). And even if you do some of these things just for fun (like the bucket list), they’ll still help you get the most out of this lovely season. Because honestly, I think we an all use a bit of spring joy.

If you have any additional ideas, please tell me about them! And, seriously, get out of the house! Get some sun and fresh air!

Image by Kristina Paukshtite