Have you started getting ready for the holidays yet?
I tidied our entryway area! We now have a shoe rack! Which makes me ridiculously happy!!!
This is approximately my mood, and the weather today (aka it's grey and rainy and I'm stressed and frustrated).
Cyber Monday sales are coming! Get your impulse control skills ready!
I'm procrastinating so much at the moment, I'm even procrastinating finishing current read.
Happy Halloween! I'm taking a mini-retreat this week.
I love learning new things by reading!
This is another picture of a tree, that I also took while out walking this morning.
This is a snapshot of a tree that I took while I was out walking this morning.
Here's a picture of a path in the forest, with lots of foliage, because it's finally fall, and I'm trying to get back into my usual work week schedule (and so don't have a ton of spoons to look for a better image).
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