Happy Monday, take two: And now for the less rant-y version of what I just said.

This is another picture of a tree, that I also took while out walking this morning.


Happy Monday! Happy first day of October! Happy first day of Halloween!

I’m not sure if anyone actually reads this blog at all (because I still, after more than a year of writing this blog, have not managed to scrape up the executive function skills required to install Analytics…*), but if there is someone out there who actually read my post from this morning: Welcome back! This is a more positive version of my day (because ADHD brains tend to rapidly shift between complete lack of interest and motivation, and so much interest and motivation you don’t know what to do with it. In case you weren’t aware of that.)

Anyway, so, my day did not start out great. I woke up in the wrong part of my circadian cycle (someone remind me to spellcheck that, please (it’s almost 4pm, and I’m exhausted, so oh well, you know what I mean)), I went back to bed after breakfast, then when I got up again at around 8am, I was still tired, and kind of gloomy, super demotivated, and just over all meeeeeeeehhhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuugggggghhhhhhhh!!!!!

I managed to get through my morning routine though (which is exactely the reason I have a morning routine, since habits don’t require daily negotiations with my ADHD brain), and once I finished my spanish practice, I just sat there, on my couch, trying to work up the motivation to start my day. Which wasn’t going to happen. You know that feeling: It’s like you’re sitting there, having a discussion with your own brain, because while you know you have things to do, and want to do them, your ADHD is still debating whether or not it will grant you the executive functions required to do anything… Isn’t that just so much fun?

Since this was not my first experience of that kind, I have some strategies to deal with this. One: Pressure. If I don’t go out for groceries, there will be no food, and if there is no food, I will be super unhappy, and also there will be no food for my boyfriend, which, to my brain, is probably the more important argument. Two: Ignore my brain and just start. This only works when my brain is more or less in working shape, and is just being a dick. And three: Get my body moving, which will hopefully wake me up a bit, which will hopefully help my brain feel more inclined to work with me.

This morning, since there was really no way to pressure myself into working, and my brain was in no shape to just do the stuff because I said so, I tried the third option: I took a nice, short walk around town, and picked up a parcel at the post office on my way home. I personally find that taking a walk in the morning is a pretty good way to handle ADHD induced problems with motivation (or impulse control, if you consider just not doing anything an impulse). I’ve also had some good results with exercising, but I find that taking a walk is a little more practical.

For one, taking a walk requires literally the least effort possible. Put on a jacket, put on shoes, grab your keys, and go. When you get back, take off your jacket, take off your shoes, and you’re done. Exercise requires more preparation, and usually has more tasks that need to be completed, like commuting, showering etc.

Additionally, I like that simply walking gives me an opportunity to do a little mindfulness. It’s fairly easy for me to notice the cold air, the smells, the sounds, and the little things I can see when I’m out walking. If I was running, for example, that would be harder (for me personally).

Usually, when I get back home after a walk, I feel refreshed, because of the fresh air, and also a little less tired, because moving got my circulation going. Which helps me get started on the things I need/want to do. It’s really nice, if you think about it. It’s also a huge priviledge, that I have the time and flexibility to handle my days like that.

So, what’s the plan for my Monday? Well, there isn’t one. Yet. (Or there wasn’t when I wrote this post… actually, now that I think about it, there still isn’t…)

I really want to finally set my bullet journal up for October. I even bought some nice washi tape, black with bats on it (and apparently it’s glow in the dark!!!), over the weekend, and I’m excited to try it out. Once I’m done with that, I can make a real plan of what I want/need to do today (or, you know, I can spontaneously decide to decorate the monthly spread with glitter glue, and then not make a plan for the day, since I need for that stuff to dry). But some things that I can tell you off the top of my head are:

  • Laundry: I need to do three loads of laundry today, if I don’t want to be super stressed out for the rest of the week. (Update: Third load is currently in the dryer.)
  • Vaccum: The house has not been vaccuumed in a week, and it’s starting to make me uncomfortable. (I really don’t see that happening today… maybe I’ll just do the bathroom and the kitchen…)
  • Clean bathroom: I did this last week, but I’m committed to cleaning the bathroom at least once a week, so it’s time. (Definitely not happening today. Will need to do this tomorrow after work.)
  • Edit and publish these posts: Because just writing them isn’t really any good if nobody gets to read them. (I’d say that one’s going pretty well.)
  • Maybe some crafting: I have some crafts I’ve been planning on doing, so I might get started on that today. (I really wish I had done that, because now I’m just tired and I still have to cook dinner, so no spoons for crafting.)

I really hope there isn’t more, since that’s already a rather impressive list (and also, it’s almost noon (or it was, when I wrote this post)). But yeah, I’ll do my best to make this day at least semi-productive, after all.

I really enjoyed my walk this morning, and it made me feel better, so I’ll also try to keep a bit of mindfullness up throughout the day. I find it’s helpful, especially because being aware of how I’m feeling can help me take more regular breaks and not feel as exhausted at the end of the day. (Oups, I guess my brain forgot about that as soon as I finished typing it…)

So, yeah, that’s it from me for today. I hope everyone is having a better start into this new week. Enjoy this first week of October!

*And just so we’re clear: I’m not talking about the coding skills, that I need to install Analytics. I can definitely do that. I’ve done stuff that was a lot more complex. I’m talking about stuff like reading up on it, sitting down on my laptop and actually doing it, rolling it out on the web server, and so on.