Happy Monday: On Strange Things That Make Me Happy

I tidied our entryway area! We now have a shoe rack! Which makes me ridiculously happy!!!


Good Morning and Happy Monday! How are my fellow ADHD folks doing today? Personally, I’m incredibly tired, and nursing the beginnings of a cold. So could be better, I guess. Plus, I still haven’t managed to really resolve my problems with work (that I may or may not have written about last week… can’t remember), so that’s stressing me out a bit. But oh well, it could be worse.

I actually had a pretty productive weekend. And I realized that sometimes the weirdest things make me super happy. Case in point: I picked up the vaccuum cleaner on Saturday, after weeks of not having the motivation or health condition to get any serious cleaning done, and I experienced this surge of happiness! Which was so weird, because touching the vaccuum usually does not make me happy. But, yeah, what can I say? I’m feeling so much better now that the house has at least a basic level of cleanliness (a little more, even, since I started cleaning the windows), I wasn’t even aware of how much the chaos around here was weighing on my mood.

I also started physical therapy for my knee last week. And while that went a little way to reassuring me that I might not be completely screwed, I still have sore muscles from Friday’s session today. And I’m going back in this afternoon. Oh boy. I think I’ll actually try and do the exercises before I go in, because I really need some input on how I can prevent damage to my knees while doing my job. So maybe we can focus on that instead of doing exercises I might aswell do at home.

But anyway, back to my super productive weekend. Today is the first day where it’s socially acceptable to put up Christmas decorations here in Germany (not that everybody got the memo…), so I’ve been cleaning and tidying all weekend, to get the house ready for all the Christmas cozyness. Oh, and the boyfriend and I bought and built some furniture this past weekend (the picture above is on of those), so now the entryway area isn’t cluttered with bags, and the bedroom isn’t cluttered with stuff that doesn’t fit into the wardrobe. It’s glorious!

I’ve definitely mentioned this before but: Having things tidy and organized makes me so happy! Growing up with ADHD, that wasn’t always a given, but now that I’ve figured it out, it’s amazing! I feel so much better about myself since I don’t have to handle permanent chaos inside and outside my head.

Although, speaking of chaos inside my head, I’ve been feeling like I’ve had a considerable rise in ADHD symptoms recently? And I don’t like it. I feel like lately, my brain is more disorganized, which makes it hard to deal with language for me. It feels a little like my brain just, more or less randomly, replaces words with remotely similar meanings. Of course I can’t think of an example right now, but this has been happening with increasing frequency over the past few weeks. I also feel like my sensory processing abilities aren’t at their best at the moment, which makes work tougher than usual. And generally speaking, I just feel overwhelmed faster than usual. I’m very much hoping that this is just a phase, but in any case, it’s challeningn, scary, and annoying.

But this post wasn’t supposed to be about the things that annoy me. Right. So I’m really excited to get done with tidying and cleaning today, and start putting up the Christmas decorations. I also have a bunch of other chores to do and some errands to run (I think?). And I have physical therapy in the afternoon. I also filmed a little video about how I do my weekly setup in my bullet journal yesterday, which I might upload somewhere sometime today. I haven’t watched it yet, though, so it’s possible I’ll hate it and it will never see the light of day. I’m working on finding a setup that will allow me to make a real tutorial on how to set up an ADHD friendly bullet journal for the new year, so people who are feeling overwhelmed by the whole bullet journal thing can learn how to use it to manage their ADHD. So that might be coming up soon, although it definitely depends on how much time and energy I’ll have over the next couple of weeks.

Okay. I think that’s really all I have to say for now. I hope you’re all having a great start into this new week! I’m off to get some chores done, get some exercise, and then take a shower, so I’ll be presentable to the world by noon, hopefully. Have a great week, everybody!


Image by me.