Happy Monday: Hello 2019!

A completely new year, for me, also means a completely new Bullet Journal.


Happy Monday, friends! And a Happy New Year! (I know I’m late on that, but oh well.)

After two weeks off, of which one was actually nice and relaxing (family Christmas is no joke, y’all), today is my first regular at home day of the year. Meaning that I have all my usual chores (drugstore, vacuum, clean bathroom, etc.), and got up early, but I’m not back at work yet.

As most of us, probably, I’ve decided to do some things differently this year. For one, for the first time ever, I’ve chosen a “word for the year”. Mine is “wholehearted”. Why? Because between ADHD and depression (also, yay for my new antidepressant, I’m already feeling better), the past year flew by, and I didn’t do a lot of stuff that I enjoy. I didn’t make a big effort. I didn’t take any chances. I didn’t really live all that much. (I made some resolutions, even though I hardly managed to fulfill any of the ones I made last year.)

Now that I’m on medication to help me get out of the psychological part of this funk, I’m trying to establish some healthy habits, and do a kind of “Year Of Yes” thing, only a little less drastic. I’m going to do my best to live my life wholeheartedly. To use the time I have for things I enjoy. To stop procrastinating so much. To put energy into things I want. To spend less time on my phone, because that just starts a downward spiral of no energy, tired, can’t sleep, etc. and I do not want that. Anyways, I’ve already started out with the wholeheartedly living my life. I went on a coffee date with an old friend from uni last week. I have put guitar playing into my habit tracker (a thing that I used to do daily before I started working full time). And I’m trying not to use up more than 30% of my phone’s batterie in a day. That last one is a lot tougher than it sound, by the way.

All in all, I would say that my year started out pretty well.

For this blog, I’m hoping to establish a new routine, that will hopefully enable me to post more regularly. I really want that, but I’m not yet sure how to make it happen. I’m still going to work at my day job, since I still can’t afford health insurance otherwise. But I’m going to look into ways to change that, since my current job just isn’t working for me (even though I still kind of like it). Not a ton of options out there at the moment, though.

So, what’s new with me? Glad you asked. First of all, I got my first ever “fanmail” (not really but kind of feels like it) last week! Yaaaayyyy! That was a high point of my week. Plus, I’m starting to figure out how I can best employ our new Roomba to help me keep the house clean, while also keeping my perfectionist brain in check. So far, I’m letting the robot do the upper floor, minus offices (roomboy likes to eat cords) and bathroom (just too small for the little guy and too many corners), while I do those rooms, the corners it can’t reach (although I have to say, wow is that little guy flexible and thorough), and the downstairs area (since I don’t trust roomboy with the Christmas tree… that I need to take down today… where was I?) Ah yes, I’m working on figuring that out.

There are some other news, that are super important to me, and possibly wildly interesting to some of you: The boyfriend and I are now officially engaged! Yay! Which means that you will now get to be part of my experience of planning a wedding (oh boy…) with ADHD (…), which will hopefully give you guys some insights into what to expect. But also, let’s be honest, I’m hyper organized, so I can’t wait to get started planning. The thought of having spreadsheets and an area in my Bullet Journal dedicated to wedding planning really gets me excited! As well as the fact that I’ll finally get to marry this guy I incidently really like. Ha! I think this will be good. And I’m super happy right now. Also, I’ve already started reading both of Meg Keene’s (of APW) books on wedding planning, so I’m ready to get going.

Other than that, there isn’t a whole lot to tell you. We had two quiet weeks off, I did a lot of cooking and freezing food for when I’m back at work (thank you, past me), I finally got my car inspected (everything great). And that’s basically it. Keep an eye out for a post about how you can pack up your Holiday decorations in an orderly fashion (since I’m taking the tree down today, I’d say that post will be coming up some time this week, probably).

Have a great week everyone, and maybe take a breath today, if it’s your first day back at work, so you don’t get overwhelmed.