Happy Monday: Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! I'm taking a mini-retreat this week.


Good morning! Happy monday! Happy Halloween!

It has been a while since I last posted on a monday, or at all, really. The reason for this, as you might have guessed, is health stuff. My knee decided to completely lock up for most of a day a few weeks ago, and left me with lots of pain, very little knowledge about what the hell that was supposed to be, and a ton of insecurity about how I’m going to continue working my job, since being able to use your knees is kind of important in infant day care. So yeah, that’s an ongoing thing, and it sucks.

But! I also held my first ever workshops as a self-employed person last week, and they went so well! The workshops were for teenagers, about how they can present certain things on Instagram so they look great. The teens were super motivated and produced some amazing images. I loved working with them, too. So that was a huge success.

And I’ve been home for the past few weeks, due to my knee issues, but also because I took time off, and this week I have the entire week off (I always take time off around halloween), and I have the house largely to myself, so I’m planning on using this time as much as I can.

Meaning: I’m planning on getting some writing done, doing some crafts, watchin Halloween movies, getting in some self-care, getting out of the house every day, and getting some chores done, since I haven’t been able to do a whole lot of housework recently. I. Am. So. Excited!

I’m planning on making this week a mini-retreat for myself. To help me get back into writing, give myself some inspiration, and just generally use the valuable time I get as much as I can. With my ADHD brain, it’s so easy to just slip into “I’ll just not do anything”-mode, and have an entire week of vacation days slip away without getting anything much out of it, and I very much do not want that to happen this week. I have admittedly been in a bit of a lull, maybe even a minor depression phase, for the past few months or so, and I just feel like I need to do something to shake myself out of that. Because it’s actually not a lot of fun, looking up from my phone (or Netflix) and realizing the entire day has passed and I have literally no recollection of any of it. So. I’ll do my best to avoid that.

Oh and also, our dishwasher broke, again, so I’m currently doing the dishes by hand. Let’s just say that was not on my list of things I wanted to do during my vacation. But oh well. Will need to call the landlord about this today.

So, what is my plan for today?

I have a bunch of dishes I need to wash, so I think I’ll start with that. First, I want to set up my bullet journal and plan out the day, though (not as in “planning everything to the minute”, more like “these are the things I’d like to do today”). I’ve decided that I’ll choose one movie to watch in the evening every day this week, and I think today I’ll watch Hocus Pocus. I would also like to clean the wax stains out of my new jeans today, clean the bathroom, and maybe run the vaccuum. I would love to take a bath, but maybe I’ll leave that for tomorrow. I’ll probably get to the drugstore and the grocery store, and I would very much like to take at least a short walk before lunch. Plus, I bought some big cardboard letters for our bedroom wall a while ago, and I really want to start painting them today. So, I have a ton of stuff that I would like to do, and only a few hours to do it in. Better get started!

I wish everyone a great start into this week, get your spook on, if that’s your thing, and remember to take some time for yourself this week!


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