Happy Monday: Are you getting ready for the holidays?

Have you started getting ready for the holidays yet?


Happy Monday, everyone! Did you miss me last week? Probably not. But in case anyone was wondering, my permanent pseudo-cold, that I’ve been dealing with since October or so, decided to finally turn into an actual cold, so I wasn’t really up for much last week.

That being said, I obviously still attended my last two physical therapy sessions, and went to work one day last week, because I had a seriously hard time with my brain. Why? Because my dear ADHD brain kept trying to convince me that I wasn’t really sick enough to stay home. Which, yeah, technically speaking, as long as I am not physically unable to get out of bed, I can technically go to work. Realistically, that’s not a terribly clever, or healthy, thing to do though. Anyway, I spent the weekend taking things slowly, and resting a lot, so I’m feeling better today.

And that’s important, since I’m going Christmas shopping with my mom and sister today. I’m kind of excited for this, but I’m also kind of dreading it. Since I wasn’t feeling super well during the weekend, I didn’t catch up on chores. And I definitely didn’t manage to get a headstart on all the chores I usually do on Mondays (even though we now have a Roomba – his name is Connor – so at least I only have to vaccuum a few areas of the house today). And Christmas shopping is always tied in with complete sensory overload. Which means that I’m pretty conflicted right now. Do I do some of my chores, so the house doesn’t descend into chaos? Or do I save my spoons, and sensory processing power, and let chores be chores for today?

I know I should save my spoons. After all, there is a chance that I’ll get to use up some of my overtime this week, since I’m on call all week. Which would give me a chance to catch up on chores another day. And if not, well, the bathroom isn’t clean, but it’s not going to kill us. I hope.

Doesn’t mean my brain isn’t stressing me out, though.

Anyways, I’m currently in the process of, reluctantly, getting ready for the holidays. I don’t know what it is this year, but like last year, I’m having a hard time getting excited for Christmas. Which, if you know me, isn’t like me at all. But oh well, what am I gonna do?

I’m going Christmas shopping today, as I mentioned above. I have most of my gifts planned out, but still need to do some shopping, which requires a bit more executive function than I’m capable of extending at the moment. I’ve figured out that I can get all the prescriptions I need to get through the holidays when I see my neurologist next Monday. And I’m kind of getting started planning the Christmas dinner I’m going to host for boyfriend’s parents. So I guess I’m acutally not doing all that bad.

What about you? Have you started getting ready for the holidays? And the most important question: Have you figured out when you need to get your meds refilled, so you won’t end up running out in the middle of official “everyone’s on vacation, try again next year” season? This is super important.

In case you’re wondering how to do this, since it requires quite a bit of executive function, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Get your meds, and your (or a) calendar.
  2. Put one finger on the calendar, and one on the blister thingy (or if you are from the US and have those bottles, put all the pills you have left out, and sort them into groups according to how many you take each day).
  3. Now you count the number of pills you take in a day, while following the days on your calendar.
  4. Stop on the day where you land on the last of your pills. That’s the day you’ll run out.
  5. Now mark the day, or write it down.
  6. Check your doctor’s opening hours up until, and during the holidays. Compare to the date your pills will run out. The last day your doctor’s office is open, before your pills run out, is the latest you can possibly refill your meds.
  7. Now put a reminder, or even better, make an appointment, or go in for your refill right away, if you can. Plus, if this is especially hard for you, make someone else put a reminder in their phone, to remind (or force) you to get it done.
  8. Also consider: Not all doctors at an office are allowed to prescribe all kinds of medication, so you might need to find out when you can actually get your medication refilled. Plus, check the opening hours of your pharmacy. They usually aren’t closed as long as doctor’s offices over the holidays, but you might still want to make sure.

Basically, repeat this for each of your meds, then make absolutely sure that you get your refill by the latest possible date, and you should be fine. I actually did this a week ago. It’s how I figured out that I needed to get my lower dose meds refilled earlier, but can get all of my other refills when I go in to see my neurologist anyway.

Also remember that it’s only two weeks until Christmas, and you really want to start thinking and shopping for presents, if you haven’t already. Unless you don’t do presents, obviously, then you have way less to stress about right now.

Oh, and happy last night of Hanukkah!

Have a nice week everyone!

Image by Valeria Boltneva