Happy International Women’s Day to all ADHD women!

Happy International Women's Day!!!


It’s International Women’s Day!!! Yaaayy!! Honestly, I haven’t been all that aware of the fact this day existed for most of my life, but since I know about it, I’m looking forward to it every year.

Why? I mean, there are many reasons to look forward to a day, but celebrating women and girls and their achievements, all around the world? Having an excuse to talk about feminism and how important it is as much as I want to? (Not that I got around to doing that much this year…) Hell yeah!

To celebrate this International Women’s Day, I was going to write a post about ADHD women in history.
Weeeeeeeeell… This isn’t that post.
There are two reasons for that: 1) I finally got a cold, after my immune system handled four weeks of sniffling kindergarteners and one week of my boyfriend having the flu (or something like that) like a pro; and 2) If you thought finding information on women and their achievements in history was tough, try finding info on ADHD women. Yeah. There’s nothing there.

And, I mean, that makes sense, kind of. After all, ADHD is still a fairly new disorder, even though it has existed under different names for a while. These different names usually referenced a disorder for boys and maybe men, though, so not much to find there. And diagnosing someone who has been dead for a hundred years is just not something I’m into.

So, no list of ADHD women in history, sadly. But! Thankfully things are changing, and today there are some women who are very open about their ADHD and who give all of us representation. I really, really wanted to celebrate a few of them today. But sadly, as I’m writing this, it turns out my brain isn’t really up to the task just yet (thanks, muggle cold…) However, I’m going to write that post as soon as I get all the snot out of my system and get some brain space back.

I wanted to make a post today, however, because I just want to make sure all ADHD women and girls out there get a shoutout today! So shoutout to you! You’re doing great, and I’m proud of you!

And that’s about all I can manage today. Happy International Women’s Day! (And if you’d like a movie recommendation for today, and haven’t seen it yet: Hidden Figures.)

Image by HO JJ