Hey there!

I’m Anne, I’m a Twentysomething and I have ADHD.

I was diagnosed as a kid, but have only started realizing the more complex ways in which ADHD impacts my life in recent years. And as I’m living with this disorder daily, I’ve been working to develop ways to cope, get more educated, accept my limitations and make a living, all while navigating my symptoms.

With this blog, I want to share what I’ve learned and help others, but sometimes I also just want to vent to people who know exactely what I’m talking about. So this blog is for all of these purposes.

My blog is for you if you live with ADHD, if you’re struggling, if you’re feeling like you’re doing really well and want to share your successes, if you live with someone who is affected by ADHD and want to learn anything you can about what it’s like for them (disclaimer: In this situation, the best way would be to ask them, but you’re still welcome to get extra input here.), if you just need to know you’re not alone, if you feel like everything is in over your head and you need to get it back to the ground, in short: If you have ADHD or want to learn about it, this blog is for you.

I will be sharing my experiences and coping strategies, I’ll tell you about my successes and failures, about moments that restored my faith in humanity or frustrated me to no end. I want to make you feel welcome and accepted and just over all not alone.

So whatever it is that brought you here, go ahead and see if you can find what you’re looking for in my posts. For better accessability, I’m planning on sorting all posts into categories and use consistent titles for posts that belong into one categorie or series (this blog is still a work in progress, though, so not everything is currently working as smoothly as I’d like it to, sorry about that). If there’s anything I could be doing differently to help you navigate the site, please let me know.