I pair of proper sunglasses can help reduce ADHD sensory overload a lot this summer.
I'm so happy that it's finally raining again. Feels a lot calmer, and my ADHD brain gets a breather.
Yep, will need to get my car fixed. This part of ADHD really isn't fun.
I love a good sunset, and I love it even more right now, because it means the sun finally doesn't burn up my brain anymore!
Yes, this post features one, maybe not so obvious, use for a fidget spinner.
It was even to hot to go out for ice cream this week... So too hot for my brain.
Images like this one can get my ADHD brain inspired to be productive.
My newest hyperfixation: Corgies!
This is what summer weekend should be like, so is it even still an ADHD slump, if I'm just spending my time in summer mode?
I guess I can see the light at the end of this slump!
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